Memory kit for woodworking

Memory Kits

AMI Staff | 3 May 2022

Memory Kits

The Akron-Summit County Public Library (Ohio, USA) now has Memory Kits to purchase. The Kits, developed with Jennifer Brush of Brush Development (along Montessori For Dementia and Aging principles and practices) and with funding support from the Ohio Council for Cognitive Health, provide experiences that:

  • Speak to the personhood of each individual living with dementia - what are their unique talents and preferences, what has given them purpose throughout their lives, what do they count among their best memories/most impactful contributions, what enriches their lives?
  • Encourage conversation about the activities and about memories that arise while engaging with the activities.
  • Support skill maintenance, including hand-eye coordination, balance, and fine motor skills, and can be adjusted as abilities change over time.
  • Suggest at-home extension activities to further the Kit experience. 

Currently, there are 7 Memory Kits; each Kit can have 2-5 boxes of activities and checks out for two weeks. Each box includes an instruction sheet and the tools needed to complete the activity. They include:

Home Life
Pouring Activity
Sock Match and Towel Folding
Lacing Cards 

Office Life
Organising Office Supplies
Information Files
Correspondence and Brain Games
Working With Tools
Locks & Keys
Nuts & Bolts and Using A Screwdriver
Tool Match

In The Kitchen
Recipe Task Cards and Cookbook
Cooking Tool Match

In The Garden
A Sidewalk Garden and Flowers & Plants
Flower & Leaf Sorting
Planting Seeds

Sensory Exploration
Fabric Matching and Mystery Bag
Sound Matching and Liquid Bubbler
Sounds of Nature
In The Night Sky
Viewing Constellations
Lacing Cards

Holds can be placed online or by calling one of their locations. Pickup can be through Main Library’s Drive-Thru Window or at branch locations (inside or outside pick-up). More information about the Library’s Dementia-Inclusive Initiative is available here:

Memory kit for woodworking